Unlucky Thief Accidentally Steals Purse with GPS Tracker Inside

by Ronen Ijadi on July 26, 2010

Horatio Toure may be the most unlucky robber in all of San Francisco. According to local police, the 31-year-old city held up a woman up at gunpoint Monday afternoon in the South of Market neighborhood, and stole her purse. Unfortunately for the robber, this woman has a high tech GPS tracking device in her purse as part of her company’s demonstration of a new real-time GPS tracking program.

The robber was caught about a half-mile away about 10 minutes later. He was sent to jail on suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property, as well as handling an unregistered firearm.

The product the woman was carrying around in her purse is called Alert & Respond, and was being demonstrated during the robbery. Specifically designed for police and the military, the program allows for real-time tracking of the location of anything or anyone, such as officers and other people and resources.

Her bosses, as well as other guests, were watching her movements on a screen, when suddenly, according to Alert & Respond, she appeared to be running at high speed down the street. But she was no longer in possession of the device. After she speedily made her way back into the office, she immediately called police and relayed the device’s still moving location to the officers.

The device was also capable of activating a microphone to hear the thief, or remotely snapping a picture (unfortunately, that feature wasn’t able to be used with the device buried inside her purse). If that woman hadn’t been carrying that GPS device in her purse, Horatio Toure, the most unlucky criminal to walk the streets of San Francisco, may never have gotten caught, and this possible killer could would have been free to steal again.

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Eiley August 8, 2010 at 6:04 pm

My daughter was robbed and threatened with bodily harm at knife point the other night after getting paid in cash for her server job. It was the first money she earned in two years. Her purse, an expensive one-a gift, which contained her new work shoes, a blackberry, an ipod (another gift), make up, ID and numerous other items were stolen. Fortunately she was only bruised, but it was a traumatic experience for her and a very costly one. In addition we had to change our locks.

If my daughter had your system the assailant would likely be in police custody today, not roaming the streets free to terrorize another innocent person.


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