New GPS Fire Fighting Equipment Developed

by Ronen Ijadi on July 29, 2010


Over the past few years, the use of GPS technology has been very effective in the world of law enforcement, but only recently has it been applied to fire fighting as well. Slowly but surely, more and more fire departments are adopting these GPS systems as part of their fire fighting gear on account of many benefits, as will be discussed below.

To begin with, there are multiple reasons as to why navigation GPS units are being built into fire trucks. First, it allows them to arrive at the scene of a fire in the shortest possible time, which, needless to say, it’s crucial. Second, these devices are able to provide the locations of all fire hydrants, water lines, gas lines, and electrical service lines anywhere near the fire, allowing the fire fighters to assess the situation ahead of time which helps them better prepare for how they will respond.

These new GPS devices can also provide fire fighters with satellite imagery of large fires – such as forest fires or oil fires – from which they can see and determine which areas most immediately need to be put out, and can plan the most efficient way of putting out the fire accordingly.

In addition, in the event that outside firefighters from another area are called in for extra support, these GPS devices can not only aid them in navigating through unfamiliar territory, but also help different firefighters better communicate and relay positions to one another via satellite uplink. During a dangerous blaze, all fire departments can be monitored simultaneously, so knowing where all your units are at the same time becomes very easy, which is important and essential knowledge.

There are also plans to attach personal GPS trackers to each individual fireman to ensure that no one is ever left behind. If a fireman, thus, ever finds himself in trouble from a dangerous fire, within seconds he can activate a distress beacon, informing his fellow fight fighters that something has gone wrong and that he’s in need of help.

All of this new GPS technology will enable our fire fighters to act more efficiently in the fight against fires, which in turn will help them save even more innocent lives.

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