Hanging of young Muslim prompts calls for Federal Bureau of Investigation probe

That ended last November when he went missing and his semi-frozen body was later found hanging from a high tree branch in Seattle, Washington.”No history of depression, anxiety, any psychological breakdown at all, so he was a very happy young man”, Ibrahim Keita said at a press conference on Tuesday. Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is planning to investigate the young adult’s death at the request of the family who believe that their son may have been the victim of a violent crime.A coalition of faith leaders, led by Arsalan Bukhari of the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, have asked the FBI to investigate the teen’s death. A search team with a K-9 unit was unable to find his body when the area was previously searched. Minnesota Vikings win NFL Draft coin flip
Had the Colts won the toss, the Vikings would have owned the 46th pick, but are now scheduled to pick 48th instead. The NFL even hyped up the pick a bit, moving the coin flip back a half hour in order to get fans to come watch it. Keita went missing on November 26, leaving home without taking his wallet or phone. There were also concerns about the fact that the rope used was found 50 feet high in the tree and about the length of time that Keita was missing.According to Washington CAIR, Keita was found hanging in an area that was searched at least twice by police before his body was finally discovered.”The FBI is communicating with our police partners”, the group said in a statement.The medical examiner originally ruled the death a suicide, but recently changed the classification to undetermined. Jordan executes 15 people, ten of them for terror offences
Jordan executed 15 prisoners on Saturday, including 10 who were convicted of terrorism, said officials. Jordan is a part of a US-led military coalition against IS, which holds territory in Syria and Iraq. They say that while investigating his disappearance, they discovered he hadn’t been in class for three weeks before the 26th.In changing the ruling the examiner noted that Keita had no history of depression or suicidal ideation, that the rope which asphyxiated him was strung unusually high – nearly 50 feet off the ground – and that the area where his body was discovered had been recently searched by a canine unit before his body was discovered.”The family really wants answers”, Arsalan Bukhari, head of CAIR Washington, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday.At Tuesday’s CAIR-led news conference, the Rev. Kelle Brown, pastor of Seattle’s Plymouth Church, struck a similar tone. North Korean suspect released over airport murder of Kim Jong Nam
The reaction and the response must be firm and North Korea must be taught that such a conduct has no place in this day and age. Also Thursday, amid growing fallout from the killing, Malaysia announced it is scrapping visa-free entry for North Koreans. The incident comes in the midst of what civil rights advocates and religious communities are calling a wave of anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic hate crimes. “He was already in the Running Start program at Everett Community College and he was dreaming of becoming a medical doctor and work as a medical examiner”. Keita was a gifted high school student who was allowed to take college courses while still in his senior year. “Historically lynchings were often deemed quickly as suicide without the benefit of thorough inquiry”, she added. “If warranted, we may conduct further investigation”, Dietrich said.