Ga. woman’s reason wrecking into chicken truck: ‘I’m vegan’

Madison County cops say on February 21, Judith Armstrong was travelling down Georgia Highway 72 in when she made a decision to slam into a chicken truck with her red sedan for the hell of it.A truck driver told police he was driving on a highway in Hull, Georgia when a red auto hit his vehicle. A Georgia woman is behind bars after deputies said she slammed into a chicken truck, fled the scene and then refused to leave her home once authorities tracked her down.The rattled poultry driver slammed on the brakes, but Armstrong wasn’t done – she slammed into the vehicle again and spun in front of the truck, cutting it off. Trump Proposes 37 Percent Cut to State Department Budget
We must make sure it is well spent, but it is less than 1% of budget & critical to our national security.” said Republican Sen. The Trump administration and congressional Republicans want to enact sizable tax cuts for corporations and individuals. The truck driver pulled over and called 911 as the red vehicle fled. The truck driver had also given a basic description of the woman, saying she had shoulder-length red hair, WXIA reported.But once the Madison County deputies found her license plate her chickens came home to roost, they say.She lost control of her auto the second time and spun out.Armstrong, who later told police she’s a vegan, fled the scene to hole up at someone else’s home, where she presumably keeps a soapbox. She told them that she had fled the scene because she was anxious about what would happen to her driver’s license. BMG Signs Avril Lavigne To Recording Deal, Album To Follow
While discussing the inspiration behind her new music, she called the album “a reflection of my journey over the last few years”. Lavigne revealed the news via Instagram yesterday, confirming an announcement she made in late December via the social network. After deputies secured an arrest warrant, Armstrong finally surrendered and was taken into custody.Armstrong was charged with DUI, hit-and-run, obstruction and aggressive driving, the newspaper reported.Armstrong was also suspected of drunken driving, but told officers she didn’t drink before the crash, but did have “a couple of shots” after she arrived home.Armstrong was tested for alcohol in jail and was found to have a level of a.089 – putting her above the legal limit. ‘Suits’ Star Joins Boyfriend In His Best Friend’s Wedding In Jamaica
Earlier this year, the couple travelled to Norway for a romantic getaway after spending New Year’s Eve together in London. Inskip, 30, is a banker and the son of Owen Inskip, a friend of Prince Charles and David Cameron.