BMG Signs Avril Lavigne To Recording Deal, Album To Follow

Now in the studio working on material for her new full-length album to be released via BMG later this year, LAVIGNE posted an INSTAGRAM video to fans announcing the news and discussing the inspiration behind her new music, describing it as “a reflection of her journey over the last few years.”.And while looking towards her future on BMG – whose head of US publishing Zach Katz she says “completely understood where I was headed with this album” – Lavigne also allows Billboard a second to reminisce over her “Girlfriend” memories a decade earlier. Now, I know what you’re thinking.Lavigne’s previous five albums have been released through Sony. The most nostalgic of us will only recall that she has had two, three at best, albums. While discussing the inspiration behind her new music, she called the album “a reflection of my journey over the last few years”. Sharapova to plead for French Open wild card
But Britain’s men’s world number one Andy Murray has led calls for players like Sharapova to only feature at tournaments on merit. But the All England Club might be faced with a predicament if Sharapova doesn’t make it into the draw via her own ranking. In a March 1st tweet, the singer-songwriter speaks over a video (below) of her playing the piano and guitar.Lavigne revealed the news via Instagram yesterday, confirming an announcement she made in late December via the social network.Sharing a picture on Facebook, she wrote at the time: “Overcoming Lyme Disease”.This will be her first album in four years; her fifth eponymous studio album was released in 2013. “Concepts and lyrics were flowing and I would have to grab my phone to sing into voice memo and write out my lyrics”, she said. Adele: Why fireworks will be missing from Aussie shows
Recently, Adele revealed she has plans for baby No. 2 after wrapping up her world tour in her hometown of London in July. Adele has put an end to the fireworks display at her concert since her son suffered a major injury. So back off, haters.This is the year of Avril Lavigne! “I’ve been faced with a lot and gone through a lot emotionally”.Her sophomore release, Under My Skin, debuted at No.1 on the Billboard charts, as did its follow up, The Best Damned Thing.At work? With your gran? Which will be soon.’ 2017 is the year of the pop punk comeback. Techie Detained at JFK, Asked to Take Test to Prove His Profession
Omin’s story comes days after Australian children’s author Mem Fox was grilled by immigration officers in the United States. So when Celestine Omin , a Nigerian software engineer, arrived in the USA on Sunday, he didn’t quite get a simple welcome.