Detroit EMS Finally Plugs in GPS Systems

by Evan Kessler on September 17, 2010

It’s a reasonable expectation that ambulance drivers know the areas they cover like the back of their hand. The certain combination of aggressive driving and a near flawless knowledge of shortcuts can often be the difference in an emergency situation where the outcome is life or death. Regardless of the brain’s ability to serve as a reliable roadmap, EMS drivers face plenty of obstacles that their encyclopedic knowledge of backstreets can’t necessarily avoid. Not only are they subject to encounter inconvenient traffic, but they may even be dispatched to roads that even they are not familiar with.

These problems may have been insurmountable in times where the folded map was the chief means of navigation, but they border on inexcusable with the existence of GPS technology. You’d probably be hard pressed to find a big city ambulance unit that wasn’t taking advantage of such a high tech development in the management of emergency situations– or would you?

Turns out the EMS units in the city of Detroit were severely lacking in the GPS department. The problem was not that they lacked the tools, it’s that they lacked the appropriations to get them installed- an offense that smacks of the pitfalls of bureaucratic incompetence. With GPS systems hanging around and no one to plug them in, the city of Detroit and its emergency workers seemed doomed to save lives the old-fashioned way– that is, until it was broadcast over the local news.

Well, you can imagine the report brought about a certain fury from nearby residents, but this is not a story about anger and rage; it’s about solving problems. Luckily, for Detroit residents –who would rather their city be the “attempted murder” capital of the U.S.– the manager of a local auto shop came to the rescue of those whose job it is to do the rescuing. Brian Allen of Xtreme Custom Car Audio in Rochester Hills agreed to do the GPS installations for free. On top of that, the reporter also put up $1000 for 10 additional units in EMS vehicles. The next time there’s an emergency in Detroit, there’s a better chance that story will have a happier ending than before.

GPS technology– it’s fantastic! And it saves lives too!

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