Dana says GSP vs. McGregor never was an option

Georges “Rush” St-Pierre is among the greatest fighters to ever compete in mixed martial arts.On the flip side, a loss wouldn’t do much damage to St-Pierre’s sterling reputation since it came at a higher weight class and following a almost four-year break. The 38-year-old Bisping (31-7-0) had been campaigning for a big-money fight against St-Pierre (25-2-0). Bisping asked, looking down at his own glittery strap.”No one gives a [expletive]”. “The sport moved on, buddy”. Colbert jeers Trump’s ‘surprisingly presidential’ speech to Congress
Stewart pointed out that the media, throughout the primaries, was obsessed with Donald Trump. He joked about Trump breaking up with the media – “KICK. St-Pierre went on a “hiatus” after his last fight over three years ago, therefore, he was still under contract with the UFC. You have a truly hated Champion like Michael Bisping going up against one of the most loved fighters of all time in Georges St-Pierre. But if there is one fighter at middleweight who GSP can handle, it may very well be “The Count”. The conspicuous comment from White may not have been so unintentional, as UFC announced on Friday that they had signed a multi-year deal with T-Mobile Arena to become their new home in Vegas, complete with additional events.Bisping lives in Orange County, and he is eager to add another big name to his improbable late-career surge of victories. The Canadian star admitted during a news conference on Friday he “lost hope” a deal could be reached late past year, but the two sides were able to come to an agreement to bring him back last month. It’s not like we went into this 185-pound championship fight saying, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ Obviously, if Bisping wins he’s said he’ll turn around and face Romero.”I’m not going to be the old GSP”, he said, “if I come back as the same Georges St. Pierre I used to be when I was very successful, I’m going to have a very bad night”.”Listen, Georges while you were away because you were too scared of everybody taking steroids, I was man enough to be fighting those guys”. Also, outside of Anderson Silva or a pointless rematch with Nick Diaz, nearly any other opponent for St. Pierre would louse up a division’s championship situation. Third Jewish cemetery damaged in surge of U.S. anti-Semitic acts
As many as 16 headstones were damaged between Wednesday and Thursday (March 1-2) at a Jewish cemetery in Rochester, New York. A cemetery in Rochester, New York, has been targeted in the latest string of anti-Semitic incidents around the country. GSP: I’m good with him, there’s no problems. “I know, approximately, what direction I want to take”.Who is Georges St-Pierre? I don’t know what you did.”The sport is a different place”.St-Pierre, on his goals for this comeback. I want to make the biggest fights possible. Banksy creates “world’s worst view” at Bethlehem hotel
Images are beginning to circulate across the internet, and the hotel is reportedly opening for bookings at the end of the month. The lodging will host exhibitions for global audiences interested in viewing artwork created by local Palestinian artists.