Remember the Dual Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver XGPS150? Well, Quantum has replaced it with the new XGPS150A. The Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver XGPS150A by Dual allows smartphones to be used with apps that require GPS. The XGPS150A is certified by Apple to work with all models of the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. Not an Apple user? Don’t [...]

Connecticut DCF Adds GPS Trackers to it’s Fleet

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on December 7, 2011

dcf car

Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families has opted to follow the lead of many in the private sector and attach GPS tracking devices to its vehicles.

Findthebest.com: A One-Stop Comparison Shop

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on November 23, 2011


Findthebest.com lines up comparisons side by side and feeds you relevant info down to the last detail, based on your stated preferences.

gps_VT news

Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont made an announcement concerning the Vermont Agency of Transportation, proclaiming they’d receive a $352,900 grant

GPS Tracking in Smartphones, Should You be Concerned?

by Tamar Gomez on November 16, 2011

us supreme court + gps tracking device

With the Supreme Court currently deliberating whether the use of traditional GPS tracking systems are in violation of the 4th amendment or not, some are beginning to question how private companies (especially those linked to smart phones applications) are not undergoing the same questioning. GPS tracking is often used for other purposes as well. In [...]

Cell Phone GPS Tracking – The New Wire Tap?

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on November 9, 2011


Apparently, the tracking of suspects by law enforcement via their cell phones has become even more common than the use of wire taps. The technology’s growing propensity to be used with out a warrant has raised the ire of many judges nationwide.

Supreme Court Set to Hear GPS Tracking Case

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on November 7, 2011

cop car

The United States Supreme Court is set to hear a case regarding the right of law enforcement officials to use Global Positioning Devices to track suspects tomorrow. The case is expected to be a landmark one in determining policy restricting use of burgeoning mobile tracking equipment.

New GPS Device Alerts Domestic Abuse Victims to Abusers Presence

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on November 2, 2011


Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan is advocating the implementation of GPS tracking devices that can prevent this type of assault.

Apple Introduces New GPS App

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on October 19, 2011


Really want to get the new iPhone 4S, but can’t think up an excuse to justify spending the money? Here’s one – Apple has included a GPS-run Find My Friends app that can help keep tabs on your loved ones.

Lockheed Switches on Power for GPS III Prototype

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on October 10, 2011


Defense Contracting giant Lockheed Martin Corp. announced Monday that they were ready to unroll a prototype for a next generation GPS spacecraft. Lockheed Martin developed the technology for the US Air Force.